BCBG Dress

I just bought this BCBG Maxazria dress at TJ Maxx for $49.99. Yeap, its in stores for $190 right now. God I love that place....


What's good for the weekend? I'm headed to DC to hang out with Jen and Kaitlyn, my amazing friends from Villanova. I can't wait to walk around the city, grab some brunch and catch up on life. Have a lovely weekend!

Check out this article from the WSJ last week -- "Where Have The Good Men Gone?"

My life savors ...

I've been running around like crazy this week, here are a couple things that have helped me look put together when in reality I'm running out the door with half my world shoved into my bag.....

This is by far the softest, exfoliant I've ever tried. Its like smoothing the inside of an almond croissant all over your skin, its that delicious and wholesome and makes me look radiant when I've had no sleep
I love the instant tint this gives my skin, plus it doesn't smell like self tanner so I can apply it in the morning.

Ohh the messy bun.........

Secret Camouflage -- greatest. concealer. E.V.E.R.

this week

Here's a few things from the week that have made me smile:

Honey sticks -- I got a little nostalgic at Chelsea Market when I saw these. Growing up, I loved getting them at the farmers market up the street from my dad's office.

Ann Taylor Loft Chambray Top - I want one!

I've been craving the yummy fresh watermelon juice after Bikram Yoga, gives me some motivation to get back into the studio

Max Studio Pumps - even the men in my office commented on how much they liked these :)

Jessica Alba's hair color, so gorgeous

Cape Cod Bound

What's up for the weekend? I have been living a crazy life for the past couple weeks so I can't wait to spend the weekend at my parents house on the Cape. We're going to celebrate mine and my dad's birthday and I'm hoping just to relax and enjoy my family a little. Have a great long weekend!

Kate Spade Sample Sale

Kate Spade sample sale is online this week ...if I wasnt making my own leather bag I would have totally splurged. So please, someone do it for me!

I love everything about this....

Valentines Day Card

I know I'm a little late but this card cracked me up!

South Beach

I was browsing through pictures of south beach and came across a couple old school ones. How funny? The old woman in the orange pants is hysterical....

Saltbox Travel Passports

I love these travel passport wallets from Saltbox! Makes me want to jet set somewhere for the weekend.....

Cerrado Blouse

My friend Rory needs an outfit for a babyshower in Louisville next weekend -she's been eyeing this orange blouse in Anthropologie. Here's how I'd pair it....of course with the pump but she's more practical than I am!

Splendid cardigan, Anthropologie Cerrado blouse, Paige skinny jeans, Tinley Road Pallete Drop necklace, Unlisted Kenneth Cole Big Event pumps, Jack Rogers Slim Jute flat, Ray Bans

She Hit Pause Studios

I was cleaning out my wallet today and I came across a business card from one of the vendors at a christmas fair in NYC - She Hit Pause Studios. What a beautiful booth they had at Union Square, I completely forgot about this little treasure. Matt Schwartz is the founder of the studio which has been described as "walking into memory." He distresses polariods of his friends and favorites places creating a vintage pin-up girl effect, such a great converstation piece!

Anthropologie Sale Jewelry

Turret Staircase Earings, $19.95

Middle Phase Necklace, $19.95

Held Dear Ring, $29.95
New Wind Necklace, $29.95
Balloon Drop Earings, $19.95

Robert Whitman

I was walking through Chelsea Market the other day and saw the Robert Whitman display. His photography is beautiful! I posted some of my favorites above - you could explore his studio for hours.

Plaid and Florals

I'm in love with ....

Suspenders! My mom says I'm going through a phase -- I think they're frickin fabulous. Look at all these pictures below, I think you'll agree with me. Just bought the ones above at ASOS!

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