15 Deep

I'm offically half way through my bikram challenge. I know I'm not pushing myself in these past couple classes in fear of losing my energy to complete this challenge. I need to stop that -- part of bikram practice is the ablility to go as deep as you can into the position then let it pass. Let's be real, I'm still there everyday sweating my ass off but my body is now adjusting so I need to push it harder. I've been trying to figure out how many calories one bikram yoga class burns and the median answer is around 500-700. that's insane! too bad my scale is creeping back up... i can blame that one on the chocolate chip cookies and excessive drinking. i guess it balances all the detoxifying....

"Love never fails; Character never quits; and with patience and persistence; Dreams do come true" -- Pete Maravich

I'm in love with...

these super chunky neck rings by echo.

Knockin Boots

Do you ever think about those key purchases that have lasted you forever? Well I LOVE my brown knee high boots – hands down one of my best purchases ever. I wear them with dresses, skirts, jeans, at work, going out, walking around the city, just absolutely everywhere. Here are some of my favorites right now (especially the Frye Jane boot)….

From right to left clockwise:
Frye Jane Boot
Anthropologie Maple Wood Boots
Frye Valerie Piped Bootie
J.Crew Suede Flannery Lace Up Boot
Messeca Bobbie Lace Up Bootie

10 Day Mark

I am ten days into my bikram yoga challenge and still going strong! The first three days were great, I had energy and was able to really focus and push myself during practice. Well as days 7 and 8 rolled around my energy just died and my body completely resisted. At times my body was shaking, I felt sick to my stomach and my mind was getting the best of me. I was irritated by my surroundings (men in short little speedos), my mind was drifting away from my breathing, and I was completely unfocused during class. Well, I’m hoping the seas have calmed a little because today I feel great! I like to think I’m headed up on my energy rollercoaster. I need to practice strong as I approach my two week mark; I got a double on Sunday to make up for monday's class. that will be a test!

Here’s a summary of the changes I’ve felt up to now:
- sleeping better, even though its been harder to get up in the morning (doesn’t help that my apartment is chilly and my bed is so warm)
- My strength and flexibility has increased. I can hold my position longer and go deeper into the stretch
- I feel tighter in my stomach and my legs look more toned
-My energy during the day has dramatically increased
- I’ve lost a total of 5 pounds

I have to say, I can’t beat those benefits...

Clinique Bonus Time

It's clinique bonus time at Macy's until October 24...

I've been wanting to create a "go-to" makeup bag for work to keep at my desk. I often have to go out to dinner or client meetings at last notice so I need something for touchups. This is perfect! I love the eye palette, it has three great shades that you can layer to create a more dramatic look or wear them single for something more simple. The other products include a red lipstick, mascara, face cream and an eye depuffer. All I need to add is a concealer, eyeliner and some bronzer. This is way cheaper and far more fun than anything I would have bought pre-assembled at sephora!


Over the weekend I was home on Cape Cod visiting my family. This is one of my favorite times of the year on the Cape -- all the tourists have left, the weather is still nice, the national seashore walks are beautiful and the bars are filled with good local people.

I felt like bringing back a tradition so Sunday afternoon my mom and I decided to carve a couple pumpkins -- check them out:

Earth tones

The earthy colors of fall just make me smile. I love these ideas I found on Martha Stewart....

30 Days of Bikram Yoga Challenge

I've decived to take the plunge into my 30 day bikram yoga challenge starting Wednesday, October 13th. I know thats almost a week away but to be honest I need to motivate myself a little before doing this! Its going to be a long 30 days... I will be taking classes everynight after work so hopefully I will find the energy at the end of each day to make it to class. I've never done more than 4 classes in one week, especially not in a row -- I don't even go to the gym more than 4 times a week. This week I went only once! What a hot mess this is going to be...

I'm in love with...

I'm in love with this lip gloss from Burt's Bees. This color Raisin has a beautiful red tint that's universially flattering.... I'm going back to get one for my desk drawer and work bag.

thirty by thirty

Originally, I set this blog up to share my 30 by 30 list... thirty things I have to do by the time I'm thirty. We'll after some realization that I have lofty goals, I figured I'd post it and check back as I slowly cross each goal off...... 1. Own a Chanel bag 2. Learn the art of wine 3. Foreign lingerie collection 4. Mission trip 5. Pay off my credit cards 6. Run a half marathon 7. Learn the five mother sauces 8. Hike in Hawaii 9. Live abroad for a year 10. See the aurora borealis 11. Sail in the Mediterranean 12. Take a spa week with my mom 13. Explore the markets of Morocco 14. Take a french cooking class 15. Black Jimmy Choos 16. Eat pasta in Sicily 17. Sundance festival 18. Take an art history class at the MET 19. Bonaroo 20. Learn fluent French 21. Ride on a vespa with a beautiful man 22. Finish my grandmother's quilt 23. French bulldog 24. Keep an orchid alive 25. Invest in my 401k 26. Stop biting my nails 27. Get my Italian citizenship 28. Learn to drive stick shift 29. Play black jack in vegas 30. 30 days of bikram yoga

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