Celebrate the last day of November

I got myself my last pumpkin spice latte of the season and paired it with some pumpkin bread my mom baked Sunday before I left the cape. It was a perfect toast to a wonderfull fall.

Here's goodnight to all my fall favorites:

Black Leather Jackets

Oversized Sweater Coats

Suede Pumps

Khirma Eliazov Sale

Khirma Eliazov holiday sale on Thursday, December 2nd 5-9 PM

676 Broadway, 2nd Floor NYC


i still have etsy

Last night my work decided to block gmail and facebook on everyone's blackberry(it was blocked longgg ago on our computers) so I have no connection with the outside world. bummer. At least I have etsy!! I always scroll through the art section, some good finds today...

I'm in love with...

rompers for sleeping. There's something charming about it...

Free People bags

Free People uploaded these pictures onto their blog today, I'm not so much a fan of the entire look but I LOVE the bags... how cute for a weekend getaway?

Essie Winter 2010

Essie's A Winter's Tale collection. Love love love the silken cord. Got a great deal from the Dealist for a mani/pedi so hopefully the salon has these!

I'm in love with...

the holiday cheer at Kate Spade. I walked into their store on fifth ave yesterday and it was so beautifully decorated, its like a little winter wonderland. If you live close, you have to see it for yourself.

Here are a couple things from their gift guide, so frickin cute....

30 Days of Bikram

So my 30 day journey comes full circle... what an incredible feeling. As I layed on my mat tonight after my 30th class, a rush of feelings stormed over me. I have not felt that proud or happy about my body in years. The way the human body can move and memorize and grow is amazing. I was hardly able to hold my leg for the full 60 seconds in standing hand to knee, now my head is on my knee, both legs locked. I may not have lost a lot of weight but I gained energy, confidence, strength and love for my body. As I came home from work tonight I was sad that I didn't have my yoga class to return too, my body was looking forward to it. I cant wait to get back into the studio, I hope a few days off will leave me geared up for an amazing next class.

btw- the above picture is from the free people blog BLDG 25, if you don't follow it already, check it out!

Love me some lace

Anne Wilson “Topologies,”

I'm in love with...

OMBRE HAIR, how gorgeous....

Beautiful Bow

I should really be on class 26 by now but I've had a couple slip ups with work and family so I'm up to 24. ugh. my 30 classes ends on Thursday so between Monday and Thursday I'm doing 6 classes. holy shit. i figured I'd do a double on Tuesday night and thank god I have Thursday off, I will do a double spread out throughout the day.

today's morning class was glorious!! I got a place in the back row directly in front of the podium with no one in front of me. I knew the second our instructor walked in, I was going to be grilled and for sure, I was. For some reason my energy was out of this world so I was able to keep up with her. She pushed me deeper and stronger into every posture -- it was amazing, I felt like I've been practicing for months! She specifically called out my standing bow posture, stating it was one of the best bows she had seen in a while. I was so proud :)! As we got into Dhanurasana - Floor bow pose she came up behind me and I helplessly morphed into a beautiful teardrop resting almost on my chest. its days like this that i love my body and am thankful for everything it can do.....

until the night class. my quads were burning and it was f*ing hot in that room. i love heat and warmth but the second I walked in I lost my breathe. It was a 90 minute battle in my second class. oh bikram, maybe tomorrow I'll be back on my high

Personal Torture Chamber

I couldn't go to class yesterday, I was so exhausted from the past two weeks I feel asleep at 8. Thinking I was going to have a nice strong class I was so wrong. It was absolute hell. For some reason the humidity was making me so nauseous and I couldn't even recharge laying on my mat. I wanted to run outside into the rain. Ironically, as we are all laying in our final savasana, our teacher said she frequently gets asked if she ever gets bored teaching the same 26 postures over and over. Well the answer is always no. Bikram is half a mental game and half physical, some days you can grab the bull by the horns and have a strong, self-fullfilling class. Other times, you can struggle with every single posture and find it the hardest task in the entire day to just focus on your breathe. So my teacher ends the class by congratulating the new students and states, "welcome to your hot box, your personal torture chamber." Yes, I thought to myself, tonight was absolute hell.

9 classes to go. Namaste.

Swept Away

I wish I was her....

Harper's Bazaar Australia November 2010

Day 19

I'm behind one class -- went out drinking a little too much last week.

I worked so hard this weekend, my teacher was brillant. She truly made us hold each posture for its full minute and made you feel like you have been doing bikram all your life. I was able to bend farther and go deeper than I ever have. But tonight I felt like I was back to square one, as my practice today was absolute shit. My body amazes me, I have been working my quads for almost 3 weeks now and tonight was the first time they tightened up on me. On a good note, I've been able to push through the entire class lately without a break (and I'm drinking less water). Some of my postures have tremendously emproved - I can wrap my leg around in standing tree, my standing triangle is beautiful and I can bend deeper in my back bends. I seriously thought I would be this nimble, flexible, strong and defined person at the end of my 30 days and I was awakened today, that 30 days is just the beginning. I've kept off about 5 pounds but I do look leaner. I wish I could have lost more weight with it. I have more muscle definition but I would have had better results had I eaten better. I didnt go into this to lose weight but I thought for sure the pounds would melt off. not soo much. My energy has been at an all time high and I just feel lighter and healther. I need to fuel my body with good things to bring more balance into my practice.

These next 11 classes I need to set an intention of doing every posture as best as I can. I'm wasting my time if I don't push myself that extra inch. So with that intention, namaste.

I'm in love with...

a beautiful statement necklace

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