Five Etsy Finds this week....

an old bicycle photo - why cant I have one of these where I can store my baguettes and farmers market finds every Sunday?

How fricken adorable! I want this little guy to sit on my bathroom windowsill

A Pollock inspired clutch - this would add some great color to any outfit

A pink sapphire tentacle ring, part little mermaid, part goth, part sea goddess, i think its pretty bad ass

And this pillow because this phrase will always remind me of my older brother and my mother. When my brother asked for a $500 ipod for christmas one year, my mom thought it would be funny, no let me rephrase, my mom thought it would inspire my then bachelor-beer -drinking brother to call her more often if she engraved it "call your mother she worries" -- can you say Kitty Forman?

Quote from Bikram Practice

"Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn't anyone who doesn't appreciate kindness and compassion." - Dalai Lama

Spring is here in NYC

I was walking home today and saw another lovely sign of spring... the restaurants in my neighborhood opened up their outdoor dining. Finally, the winter entrances are gone and have been replaced with rod iron fences and window boxes filled with hydrangeas. This makes me so excited -- my favorite evenings in the city consist of getting a bottle of wine, eating outside and people watching. Depending on where you are in the city, the crowds are different so it never gets boring. Here are a couple of my favorite outdoor spots...

Back Forty, East Village

Cafe Orlin, Astor Place

Pastis, Meat Packing

Pucci Coffee Table Book

Bound in original Pucci fabric, TASCHEN's Emilio Pucci coffee table book is absolutely gorgeous. I was in Anthropologie over the holidays and am still thinking about how lovely it would look on a table. This book has been praised by fashion magazines and stylists as a kaleidoscope splendor, never mind TASCHEN only produced 10,000 copies. Here's a couple pages to check out....

Elephant Scarf

I've always wanted to go to Morocoo.....maybe its my love for Penny Lane in Almost Famous, the sea of jewel tone colors that take over Casablanca or knowing that the sea meets the desert. This sophia costas scarf brings a smile to my face with the little elephants scattered all over, I can't wait until I can eat couscous in the main square with minarets of palaces on the horizon. Have I convinced you to come with me yet?

Burberry Spring 2011

Everyday on my way to work, the bus passes Burberry down in the west village and the above ad takes over one of the store front windows. You can't really tell now but the leather skirt is absolutely gorgeous with the two front zipper detailing. one day......

Macaron Day in NYC

Last year, Francois Payard organized the first Macaron Day in NYC inspired by the Jour de Macaron in Paris -- why wouldn't Paris have a day dedicated to macarons? All the more reason why I want to live there. In the mean time, I can celebrate that across NYC bakeries will be giving away macarons all day on Sunday, March 20. Yes, I will be spending my sunday patisserie hopping.

Talented Mr. Ripley Inspiration

I love Gwyneth Paltrow's wardrobe in The Talented Mr. Ripley. Here's a little inspiration to live your own italian coast adventure..

Derek Lam Sunglasses, Grassland Gallop Skirt, Rosa Cha bikini, Mulberry Scarf, Anthropologie crochet blouse, Ardennes skirt, Lounge Lovers pant, Cote D'Azur, Kate Spade Avenue Quinn tote, JETS by Jessika Allen bikini, Tory Burch Blythe rolled sleeve shirt dress, DKNY tote, Nine West Lazer espadrille, Corso Como Doze espadrille, Anthropologe bikini, Almafi Coast

Cadbury Heaven

Why is this the first time I've ever heard of the cadbury creme egg and mini egg McFlurry at McDonalds? And why are they only offered in the UK? I can only imagion the yummyness of cadbury and soft serve swirled together, ahh I want one. I need one. AND thankfully I may be headed to London in the beginning of April for work. Considering I gave up sugar for lent -- you can break lent on Friday's right? Or is it sunday...... or maybe I'll just sprinkle some crushed mini eggs on my tasti delight.....

Happy Spring!

I saw my first beautiful sign of spring yesterday - a little baby crocus!

I'm in love with ......

These Luiza Barcelos pumps - they are absolutley beautiful. Imagine tan legs and a cropped pant or a flowy summer skirt? Your nail polish would pop against this nude color.... need I say more?

Baby Cacoon!

There is something in my company's water --- it seems like everyone is having babies! My co-worker Kelly and I were searching for a baby sling when we came across these little cacoons on Etsy. How fricken cute? I can't get over how adorable these are -- just chilling from a tree on a nice spring day!


Imagine what it would be like living in one of those candy colored villas on the cost of Positano, Italy? A gorgeous view of the Mediterranean, terra-cotta floors, gauzy white curtains, private balconys, so beautiful.......

It's gorgeous in NYC right now, makes me excited to break out my spring wardrobe. Just a couple more weeks! The above is a little inspiration from the Derek Lam Spring Runway, I can imagine my mom rockin something similar back in her 20's....

Stella McCartney

The structure of this Stella McCartney bag is beautiful!

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