Five for the Week

It's definitely been a rainy couple of days in the city. In need of a little sunshine (and a tan) here are some things that have brightened it up my week a little, including my kick ass leopard umbrella!
Colorful Toy Watches... I'm on a watch kick lately, just got myself a beautiful white one for the summer. Would love to add an orange or blue to the mix

Emmy's raw and vegan macaroons - the chai are the best!

Congrats to William and Kate! Check out these hysterical tea bags on Pylones stripes. obsessed.

Lovely Outdoor Spaces

A few cutouts from the Pottery Barn catalog....

Tuesday Man Candy

Gotta love dark and handsome. Thank you Mr.Grenier

Polka Dots & Leopard

Burberry Trench

Obsessed with this olive green trench from Burberry

Candle lit yoga

This past Sunday I took a candle lit yoga class at Yoga To The People in St. Marks Square. YTTP is a donation based studio that lives by a rare manifesto - " no correct clothes, There will be no proper payment, There will be no right answers ... no pedestals.” The class was hands down the best vinyassa class I've taken in the city. I got a spot right up front and was quickly surrounded by another 50 people (in the picture above the students are in rows of 6, we had 9!!). Our mats might have been 3 inches from the next person. Thinking this was going to be a little claustrophobic, our teacher guided us through an hour flow series but allowed us to adjust the postures to our own practice and at the same time kept us as one flowing unit. I'm offically hooked. I left with a nice sweaty glow and loving everything that this place offers.

After class, I saw a girl wearing a pair of harem pants and don't know why I've never thought of that before. Typically I'd think the low slung crotch was rather unflattering but these were adorable on her. The ones above are from Athleta and unfortunately they are sold out in my size. I now have a new mission.... I figured on a Sunday morning this outfit is much cuter than my standard oversized sweatshirt and jeans to make my first coffee run of the day. And yes, there are several....

50 Ways to Cope with Stress

This should be my bible...


What's up for the weekend? The weather is supposed to be beautiful in the city.... I'm looking forward to catching up with some friends, working on my leather bag and finally using my Zipcar. My college roomates are in town this weekend so we're going to dinner at Pio Pio tonight, a Peruvian restaurant in the city. It's supposed to be this awesome Peruvian chicken feast, let's hope they have some sweet rice for me. I've been dying to take a walk up to Bouchon Bakery in Columbus circle to check out their macaron and Easter selections. Maybe practice some Bikram. And Sunday is my Nana's birthday so I'm hoping to take a drive see her. I don't think she'll let me take her out for a manicure, but I'm sure going to try!

Have a lovely weekend xo

I'm in love with ....

Polka dot tights -- I love how in the below pictures they can be romantic or edgy or add just a little bit of sweetness to a oversized sweater dress.

Easter at Bouchon Bakery

I know my roomate Liz would love these sprinkle covered marshmellow eggs. Why wouldn't Bouchon Bakery put a classy spin on the Peep?

My Golden Egg

I'm offically an 401K is FINALLY opened! That's a check for the 30 by 30

Monday Eye Candy

Mr. Johhny Depp. How I miss my college poster of him....


Check out these Japanese moss balls on Design*Sponge. How cute would these look hanging in your bathroom or kitchen window? love, love, love it

I want to take a nap in this...

Something for the Recipe Bank

A couple yummy recipes I have to give a whirl.....

My mom and I love french Madeleines, the ones above are from Once Upon a Tart. (lets be real, these are not going to happen in my 3 by 5 kitchen)

Ginger coconut ricotta pancakes thanks to Apartment 34

Avocado Fries from A Cozy Kitchen

I've been making my own almond milk lately with a nut bag I got at One Lucky Duck. I've been looking to change up my standard almonds and dates, this recipe from Joy the Baker should do the trick

Monday Eye Candy

In March, Vanity Fair published an article about Christina Haag and JFK.... you can read a couple pages from her memoir, Come to the Edge here, or on a lazy Monday just dream that you were Haag in the upper left picture.... yes, please.


I found this picture on my computer when I uploaded my pictures... how can you not love that face!

Cut Copy

This past weekend my friends Liz, Tim and I went to see the Australian band, Cut Copy at Terminal Five. What a great night! The band had so much energy, everyone was dancing and having an amazing time. I'd love to share some photo's with you.....

Well Hello There April

When I think of April I think nice weather, open-toe shoes, lunch outside and ice coffee. Here are a few things that I'm looking forward too this month as the weather gets warmer..... The $1.99 daffodils at Trader Joe's -- always adds some bright color to my little kitchen The Brewster and Bloom Parade on Cape Cod - forever reminds me of April, when we were little my mom used to load us into the Bronco and we'd park outside of my grandmothers deli to watch the parade on her tailgate. My aunts and cousins would join us as we'd watch with turkey sandwichs in hand.

Open-toe shoes and anything peach.....

Cherry Garcia at Ben & Jerry's (except the B&J's in new york don't always take part in free cone day which i think is bullshit!)

Nautical sweaters as seen in Atlantic-Pacific

Easter brunch with my family on Cape Cod -- counting the days!

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