10 Day Mark

I am ten days into my bikram yoga challenge and still going strong! The first three days were great, I had energy and was able to really focus and push myself during practice. Well as days 7 and 8 rolled around my energy just died and my body completely resisted. At times my body was shaking, I felt sick to my stomach and my mind was getting the best of me. I was irritated by my surroundings (men in short little speedos), my mind was drifting away from my breathing, and I was completely unfocused during class. Well, I’m hoping the seas have calmed a little because today I feel great! I like to think I’m headed up on my energy rollercoaster. I need to practice strong as I approach my two week mark; I got a double on Sunday to make up for monday's class. that will be a test!

Here’s a summary of the changes I’ve felt up to now:
- sleeping better, even though its been harder to get up in the morning (doesn’t help that my apartment is chilly and my bed is so warm)
- My strength and flexibility has increased. I can hold my position longer and go deeper into the stretch
- I feel tighter in my stomach and my legs look more toned
-My energy during the day has dramatically increased
- I’ve lost a total of 5 pounds

I have to say, I can’t beat those benefits...

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