thirty by thirty

Originally, I set this blog up to share my 30 by 30 list... thirty things I have to do by the time I'm thirty. We'll after some realization that I have lofty goals, I figured I'd post it and check back as I slowly cross each goal off...... 1. Own a Chanel bag 2. Learn the art of wine 3. Foreign lingerie collection 4. Mission trip 5. Pay off my credit cards 6. Run a half marathon 7. Learn the five mother sauces 8. Hike in Hawaii 9. Live abroad for a year 10. See the aurora borealis 11. Sail in the Mediterranean 12. Take a spa week with my mom 13. Explore the markets of Morocco 14. Take a french cooking class 15. Black Jimmy Choos 16. Eat pasta in Sicily 17. Sundance festival 18. Take an art history class at the MET 19. Bonaroo 20. Learn fluent French 21. Ride on a vespa with a beautiful man 22. Finish my grandmother's quilt 23. French bulldog 24. Keep an orchid alive 25. Invest in my 401k 26. Stop biting my nails 27. Get my Italian citizenship 28. Learn to drive stick shift 29. Play black jack in vegas 30. 30 days of bikram yoga

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