30 Days of Bikram

So my 30 day journey comes full circle... what an incredible feeling. As I layed on my mat tonight after my 30th class, a rush of feelings stormed over me. I have not felt that proud or happy about my body in years. The way the human body can move and memorize and grow is amazing. I was hardly able to hold my leg for the full 60 seconds in standing hand to knee, now my head is on my knee, both legs locked. I may not have lost a lot of weight but I gained energy, confidence, strength and love for my body. As I came home from work tonight I was sad that I didn't have my yoga class to return too, my body was looking forward to it. I cant wait to get back into the studio, I hope a few days off will leave me geared up for an amazing next class.

btw- the above picture is from the free people blog BLDG 25, if you don't follow it already, check it out!

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