Day 19

I'm behind one class -- went out drinking a little too much last week.

I worked so hard this weekend, my teacher was brillant. She truly made us hold each posture for its full minute and made you feel like you have been doing bikram all your life. I was able to bend farther and go deeper than I ever have. But tonight I felt like I was back to square one, as my practice today was absolute shit. My body amazes me, I have been working my quads for almost 3 weeks now and tonight was the first time they tightened up on me. On a good note, I've been able to push through the entire class lately without a break (and I'm drinking less water). Some of my postures have tremendously emproved - I can wrap my leg around in standing tree, my standing triangle is beautiful and I can bend deeper in my back bends. I seriously thought I would be this nimble, flexible, strong and defined person at the end of my 30 days and I was awakened today, that 30 days is just the beginning. I've kept off about 5 pounds but I do look leaner. I wish I could have lost more weight with it. I have more muscle definition but I would have had better results had I eaten better. I didnt go into this to lose weight but I thought for sure the pounds would melt off. not soo much. My energy has been at an all time high and I just feel lighter and healther. I need to fuel my body with good things to bring more balance into my practice.

These next 11 classes I need to set an intention of doing every posture as best as I can. I'm wasting my time if I don't push myself that extra inch. So with that intention, namaste.

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