Personal Torture Chamber

I couldn't go to class yesterday, I was so exhausted from the past two weeks I feel asleep at 8. Thinking I was going to have a nice strong class I was so wrong. It was absolute hell. For some reason the humidity was making me so nauseous and I couldn't even recharge laying on my mat. I wanted to run outside into the rain. Ironically, as we are all laying in our final savasana, our teacher said she frequently gets asked if she ever gets bored teaching the same 26 postures over and over. Well the answer is always no. Bikram is half a mental game and half physical, some days you can grab the bull by the horns and have a strong, self-fullfilling class. Other times, you can struggle with every single posture and find it the hardest task in the entire day to just focus on your breathe. So my teacher ends the class by congratulating the new students and states, "welcome to your hot box, your personal torture chamber." Yes, I thought to myself, tonight was absolute hell.

9 classes to go. Namaste.

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