Well Hello There April

When I think of April I think nice weather, open-toe shoes, lunch outside and ice coffee. Here are a few things that I'm looking forward too this month as the weather gets warmer..... The $1.99 daffodils at Trader Joe's -- always adds some bright color to my little kitchen The Brewster and Bloom Parade on Cape Cod - forever reminds me of April, when we were little my mom used to load us into the Bronco and we'd park outside of my grandmothers deli to watch the parade on her tailgate. My aunts and cousins would join us as we'd watch with turkey sandwichs in hand.

Open-toe shoes and anything peach.....

Cherry Garcia at Ben & Jerry's (except the B&J's in new york don't always take part in free cone day which i think is bullshit!)

Nautical sweaters as seen in Atlantic-Pacific

Easter brunch with my family on Cape Cod -- counting the days!

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